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eID-Me helps you deliver new and innovative digital services that rely on remote online identity verification without requiring manual or in-person reviews, while improving both security and convenience. Manual processes and entry errors can be eliminated, saving time and reducing costs. New clients can be quickly onboarded, increasing account opening conversions.

Mobile app with a digital driver's licence and ID info, including name, birthdate, and address.

With eID-Me, you can demonstrate that you take security and privacy seriously while strengthening regulatory compliance. Fraudulent and unverified individuals can be prevented from registering, accessing online services, and executing transactions. Access to online services can be protected with password-free multi-factor authentication (MFA) using a trusted digital identity issued to clients on their smartphone.

Applicable Verticals

The following financial services organizations can benefit from eID-Me:

  • Traditional and Challenger Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Credit Card Issuers

  • Payment Providers
  • Loan Brokers
  • Insurance Carriers

Customer Benefits

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Improve Registration Experience

Quickly onboard new users with trust, reduce customer abandonment, and easily maintain up-to-date information across systems.

A paper certificate with a seal of approval.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations by verifying identities from anywhere.

An application with account information and a shield.

Prevent Account Takeover

Defend online logins against account takeover with identity verification and password-free multi-factor authentication (MFA).

A credit card.

Prevent Payment Fraud

Secure card not present (CNP) payments by confirming the identity of the cardholder and checking proof of credit card possession.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Automate and replace expensive manual and in-person processes to save time and money without degrading security.

Cash revolving around a globe.

Protect High-Value Transactions

Require higher assurance identity verification and strong authentication for high-value and high-risk financial transactions.

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Applicable Solutions

A woman at home smiling at her smartphone.

Identity verification

Get verified customers, reduce fraud, and comply with regulations.

Sending ID information, such as age, birthdate, and address, from a mobile phone to a laptop.

Digital identity / digital wallet

Store verified ID information on a secure digital wallet mobile app.

eID-Me Identity Verification Explained

Watch how your users can verify their identity remotely with eID-Me.

Learn more in a live demo of eID-Me.

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Learn more in a live demo of eID-Me.

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