eID-Me registration tutorial and ID verification demo

Learn how to verify your identity and register for your eID-Me Digital ID.

Video transcript

eID-Me, an identity verification and digital ID app that is private, convenient, and secure.

Prepare the following [requirements] to get started.

Select “Continue” and allow eID-Me to use your location for identity verification.

Next, allow eID-Me to use the authentication method you use to unlock your mobile device to protect sensitive information on the app.

Proceed to enter a valid email address. Select “Submit” to continue.

You will receive an email with a registration code. Select the “Register now” button in the email.

You will be asked to perform a liveness check to help prove your identity. A selfie will be captured automatically.

Select “OK” to allow camera access.

Follow the instructions as they appear on screen.

Liveness check complete.

Review the automatic selfie captured above.

Ensure your face appears clearly and is centred.

You will now scan an identity card to proceed. Select “Scan card front.”

Then select “Scan card back.”

Review the results of your scanned ID card, then select “Continue.”

You may be asked to confirm that you are close enough to the address shown to pass verification. If so, select “OK” to continue.

You may also be asked to enter your mobile number to allow verification of your information against mobile carrier records.

Add a passport to increase the quality of identity verification and enable your identity to be trusted by more services.

Select “Add passport” to continue.

Place your passport on a flat surface and select “Scan photo page” to continue.

Review the scan of your passport’s Machine Readable Zone. Once confirmed, select “Continue.”

Follow the written instruction and animation to scan your passport chip.

Select “Scan passport.”

Hold your phone against the passport as it scans and reads files.

Select “Continue.”

Confirm that your name is in the correct order, and select “Submit.”

Ensure that all your information is accurate, and read and agree to our consent agreement to proceed.

Once identity verification has been completed, you will see a screen of your results.

Allow notifications to continue.

A pending transaction may pop up requesting your ID information. If so, approve the request to provide the information.

Congratulations. You have successfully completed identity verification and now have a unique and reusable eID.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@bluink.ca.

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